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About Shellish

Beloved since ancient times, pearl shells, also known as Mother of Pearl, have been used over the centuries as materials for making valuable accessories and decorations. 


Drawn by the beauty of South Sea Pearls, a dedicated master cultivator has continued to work in the Amami Oshima region and the Andaman Sea till this day. Shellish was born out of his inspiration to create jewelry that exudes the timeless beauty of the Mother of Pearl. 


Tens of thousands of pearl shells are farmed every year. Through aquaculture practices, the health of the parent shell can be carefully monitored, allowing the pearl inside it to grow and flourish. While examining countless shells in the cultivation process, we encountered many of these Mother of Pearl that appeared more radiant and beautiful than the pearls themselves. 


We seek to share this beauty with everyone. Through leveraging on our relationships with various established local farming networks and working in line with individual craftsmen in each region, Shellish seeks to bring pieces that highlight the unique grace and elegance of the Mother of Pearl.

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