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Mother of Pearl

The charm of
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The Andaman Sea, located in the Eastern Indian Ocean, is famed for its South Sea Pearls.

Among them is a select type of White Pearl Oyster known as Pink Tarda Maxima which are carefully selected for our products. 

While the region produces tons of shells, only about five percent  are carefully selected to meet the standards and quality for craftsmanship.

Guided by the framework and direction of our Japanese designers, we work hand in hand with the local craftsmen to polish and produce each piece,

finally culminating at our dedicated Japanese workshops where the Shellish Mother of Pearl is born.

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Shellish uses cultured Mother of Pearl to ensure the quality standards of our products and to prevent the overfishing of wild oysters.

It also minimizes the possibility for injury and pest damage, allowing the shells to bloom and grow into the desired size and quality for our Precious Series.

While each shell is robust, they only provide material sufficient to make one or two studs.

Each piece is then finished with 10 or 18 karat gold to ensure the longevity of our products.

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